Our Story - Vodka Reborn

When people think of vodka they think of Russia, perhaps of Poland or more likely, as just the tasteless alcohol content of a cocktail or to mix with something soft and fizzy.

The Ingredients

Vodka can be made from any number of things, most famously from potatoes and sometimes wheat or rye.

Sugar Beet

But Renaissance uses the humble sugar beet.

Mass produced vodka tends to be made with ingredients shipped from the cheapest sources, far and wide but we use only high quality English ingredients.

Our micro distillery is in Cambridgeshire where we source the plentiful supplies of locally grown sugar beet from neighbouring East Anglia.

Our Spring water comes from Harrogate in Yorkshire and is abstracted at 50 metres below ground from aquifers, naturally enriched with perfectly balanced mineral content.

Vodka from Sugar Beet

Single Distillation

Going back to the original method, Renaissance is distilled just once.  Our master distiller has spent years refining the process so that our vodka has a smooth, rich, characterful taste.

Most vodkas are distilled many times to remove impurities.  In fact, multiple distillations are only required because mass market vodka is produced in such high volumes that it can’t be distilled at the perfect temperature required to make it pure in one finely controlled distillation.

Ironically, ‘four times distilled’ actually means, ‘mass produced as we can’t get it right first time…’

Which is why we single distill Renaissance vodka in small batches.  And that takes crafting to get it right.

The craft

Each batch of Renaissance is hand crafted to achieve its rich taste and smooth finish.

The exact process behind the taste is as much an art as a science so we can’t tell you quite everything but here’s a snifter…

A mash made from the sugar beet and water, in excess of 17.5% ABV, is distilled once on a handmade 3.9m tall copper ring packed reflux column with greater than 17.5 heat plate equivalents.  That’s some of the science part…

The first and last parts of the distillation are called heads and tails which are put aside, leaving the perfect heart of the distillation. The proprietary cuts we make of the heads and tails ensure only the finest vodka emerges for bottling.

The precise boiling point is also part of the secret of a perfect distillation…

… but it varies depending on the air pressure and humidity, so each time a batch is made it has to be set up for that day’s temperature and a number of other variables too.  And that’s part of the Art.

The hand crafting of our vodka is all part of the artful science that gives Renaissance its refined, distinctive taste.

The Difference

The rich, smooth taste of Renaissance comes from the care we take in making our vodka; the notes that derive from the character of the sugar beet and the purest, natural water, all mean that it can be drunk by itself with a single ice cube to savour all its personality. But it also combines with other ingredients to make delicious cocktails from Bloody Marys to martinis and even some new recipes from our own mixologist.
Vodka Reborn - English Artisan Vodka